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Anti-Acne Blend

Anti-Acne Blend

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Bioactive essential oil blends from Juzour Botanica formulated to help treat acne. Very effective in calming existing acne, balancing sebum production and reducing acne scars.

Made from 100% pure and natural oils known for their powerful anti-bacterial benefits. Teatree oil, the hero ingredient in every facial product, known for its astringent properties. Lavender oil calms and nourishes the skin helping reduce the appearance of dark spots. Rosemary oil eliminates excessive oil from skin and fights bacteria that causes acne. Frankincense oil is famous enough for its anti-ageing properties and its ability to calm down redness. Hemp oil has antioxidants along with Vitamin E oil that lightens and spots and even skin tone. With adding Sweet almond oil as a carrier oil to maintain a gentle touch on skin.


Skin prone to acne. 

For acute cases; Apply 10 drops of Juzour Botanica Anti-acne blend on acne spots for 3 days until dry.

For chronic cases; Apply 10 drops of Juzour Botanica Anti-acne blend on acne spots for 45-90 days according to each patient.

To see effective results, recommended to follow up with a nutritionist for a balanced diet.

In the evening.

Size: 30mL

Packaging: Glass Bottle #eco_conscious 

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highly recommended

I used this for my acne and it was the best chemical free product that actually worked. now I'm recommending it every place I go.
Review by - omar khaled, January 25, 2022
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